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1st Generation Family-Owned City Farm

It all started with the 'Three Amigos'.  These Nigerian Dwarf brothers were an Easter surprise for our 3 kids and it grew from there!  We figured other families might want to join in the farm animal fun, so I became a registered fainting goat breeder.

Currently, our farm consists of donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens and dogs. We welcome you to get to know our family.  And, hope that you might want to add some furry farm friends to yours!



You never learn anything unless you try.  I have always loved animals & nature.  I did not grow up on a farm, but I just enjoy the peace you find out there.  

So I figured, why not? 

There are some sweaty, back aching, nasty days; but, getting to see all my hard work and effort pay off is so satisfying.  Plus, I feel like I can appreciate the

'play hard' of the "Work Hard, Play Hard" motto.  I feel like I earned it!

My hope is that our 3 kids enjoy the experience of living on a city farm, see what hard work looks like, appreciate what they have, learn where food

comes from and become kind human beings to all.

In addition, my overall goal is to FEED MY SOUL, which consists of a lot of different pieces, but personally the farm & being outside is part of it.

Hence, my journey to create this farm originated.  I wanted to CULTIVATE MY SOUL.  When you cultivate, you make it better.  I want to be a better version of myself tomorrow, each & everyday.  Being a mom is hard.  Life is hard.  Marriage is hard.  Everything we do is so draining, but we can continually fill it, so we can nurture ourselves & grow better each day- for everyone else.

Join me in learning what it takes to FEED YOUR SOUL. FARM FOR THE SOUL.

Snuggling with💥Boom in 30 degree weathe



Why fainting goats?  

  • sweet personality 

  • make great pets

  • very entertaining when they faint

  • not escape artists, like my Nigerian Dwarfs

  • eat things like poison ivy

  • droppings don't smell & are great for fertilizer

  • are easy to catch, compared to other goat, when you need to trim their hooves :-)

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