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Customer Care

I became a registered fainting goat breeder June 2018 (Breeder 2820).  Fainting goats are very sweet, not escape artists, don't really eat "everything", are fun and entertaining to watch- especially when they faint!  To ensure I breed the best quality fainting goat, I make sure I only breed fainting goats and double-check their lineage, so you get the best quality, furry friend you can.  


And, if you have a question, you can always call, text or email me.  Growing your 'family' is a big decision, and I want to make the transition as easy as I can for you. We want you to succeed in your new adventure.  

It does take a village, or farm, to raise a family! :-)

Privacy & Payment Methods

We never use any of your personal information.  Now, if we would like to use a comment for our testimonial, we will always ask your permission to publish and use your name and city, but we honor your privacy and can use anonymous if you prefer.


All transactions are done with cash unless you want to be on the waiting list for next spring's kids.  Then, we do take a check for deposit.

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale not available.   Why?  We sell direct to the customers because we want to see who and where our furry, farm friends will be going.  We care for them & want to make sure they are placed in the perfect home!

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