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BILLY GOATS (registered fainting)
  • I have 3 registered fainting billy goats.  I might be willing to part with one.  Mine are all very sweet and come to you pretty much when called by name.  This is Chance, my blue eyed stud, and he is the only one polled (born without horns).  He has produced some beautifull babies for me!  Born 1/13/17.  

    Then, Boom (brown & white spots) was born on the farm on 7/2/18 and is just a big baby with big horns. 

    And, Romeo is my very timid but 3rd beautiful billy goat.  He was born on 2/11/18.  

    Like I said, I am not actively selling them, but I might be persuaded if I found the right person & farm.

    BILLY GOATS (registered fainting)

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